UAE resident jailed for threatening to publish fiancee’s nude photos

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An Abu Dhabi resident has been sentenced to four years in jail for threatening to publish nude pictures of his fiancée on social media because the woman allegedly refused to marry him.

The Pakistani man met the Moroccan woman on Facebook five years ago and the pair reportedly started dating. The man asked the woman to marry him and she allegedly accepted his proposal, official court documents said.

The man asked her to formally solemnize their marriage by signing the marriage papers and also take them to the relevant authorities to be endorsed. However, the woman allegedly refused to marry him. He then threatened that he would publish her pictures on social media.

The woman went to the authorities and filed a complaint against the man. Prosecutors charged him with threatening to publish the woman’s pictures on social media. Officers also charged both of them with beautifying the sin for spending time together without being legally married.



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