Why UAE residents won’t buy cigarettes for friends from duty free anymore

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Residents told Khaleej Times that they used to buy cigarettes for friends, carbonated drinks and energy drinks for personal consumption from duty free while flying out, but will now cut down on these purchases due to “sin tax.” They will still buy cigarettes for personal consumption, though, they said.

Excise duty on carbonated drinks, energy drinks and tobacco is applicable in all the public shops at the airport. “I used to buy around 4 big packets of 400 cigarettes from duty free as I smoke, especially when I’m with friends. When I go back to my country, my friends request me to bring cigarettes, too. But because of the weight problem, I used to buy from duty free. But now I’m thinking of buying only for personal consumption – not for friends – because it’s too costly. Moreover, now the prices in Pakistan are almost at par with the prices here,” said said Kharif Hassan, a Dubai resident.

Amin-ur-Rehman, a 26-year-old resident of Dubai, said he would certainly not buy tobacco anymore for friends. “Even earlier, I used to hesitate to buy cigarettes because I don’t smoke; but because of friends’ insisting to bring branded cigarettes, I used to buy for them. But not anymore, now,” he said.

Source Credit: Khaleej Times
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