UAE: Sharjah Announces Discovery of New Gas Reserves in Hadiba Field

The Sharjah Petroleum Council announced the discovery of new gas reserves in the Hadiba field, according to their post on X. The discovery was made “in promising economic quantities” located north of the Al Saja’a field, after Sharjah National Oil Corporation drilled a well.

“The well will be tested in the coming period to confirm the quantities and potential reserves of the field for development,” according to a post by the Sharjah Government Media Bureau.

The “Hadiba” field is the fifth onshore field in Sharjah, in addition to the “Al-Saja’a, Kahif, Mahani and Muayed” fields (which has been converted to a gas storage field).

Here is a video of the Hadiba field where the new gas reserves were discovered:


Khaleej Times

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