UAE: Sharjah launches bicycle patrols on beaches

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Sharjah Municipality has launched bicycle patrols for the beaches of the city of Sharjah and green spaces in order to educate its users and urge them to adhere to preventive measures. The movement aims to enhance its monitoring and awareness role on beaches and green spaces.

The bicycle patrols enhance the monitoring role of the municipality on the beaches of Sharjah, which is characterised by the availability of special lanes for such bicycles, through which the municipality promotes awareness among the public of the importance of adhering to all the instructions and preventive measures it has put in place in beaches, and creating positive interaction with them.

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The municipality has also provided beaches and green spaces with signboards that include many instructions and preventive measures related to COVID-19, such as wearing masks on the beach at all times, maintaining a safe distance of no less than two metres, and leaving a distance of four metres between each group of people. and other health guidelines and preventive measures that the municipality works continuously to urge the public to adhere to for the sake of their health and safety.

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The five bicycle patrols launched in the first stage have been equipped with all preventive and safety equipment, and qualified inspectors have been assigned to drive these bicycles. They have also been enrolled in courses of providing first aid and can deal with any emergency situations on the beach to enhance safety levels among community members.


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