UAE: Spreading Christmas cheer to Filipinos in need

Decorated Christmas tree closeup
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Dubai: Philippine consulate officials and members of the community will bring Christmas cheer on Friday to the almost 200 Filipinas in need of assistance and are spending Christmas away from their families and bring the holiday spirit to the rest of the community in Dubai.

The celebration will be a Christmas Concert from 6pm to 10pm at the consulate grounds in Al Ghusais. Admission is free and the event is open to all.

Consul-General Paul Raymund Cortes said the community celebration is a way for his team to express deep appreciation to the members of the community who have supported the various activities of the consulate and the community in the past year.

“2017 has been a banner year for the Philippine Consulate and the Filipino community. It marks the continued commitment between government and its stakeholders to partner and collaborate hand in hand on community events, vision, activities and projects that lead towards that vision, dreams and aspirations, and nation building,” Cortes told Gulf News.

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“The Christmas concert is a year ender, a vow for both the community and the consulate to renew this goal to be a society that bridges segments rather than divides. Through music, we hope that this show encapsulates exactly the universality of the Filipino soul and how humanity hopes for a better world for ourselves and generations after us,” he added.

Cortes said a big part of the audience will be the 177 Filipinas seeking assistance at the consulate and labour office who are awaiting repatriation or resolution of their cases.

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“I’d like this show and the community to show them [Filipinas seeking assistance] that they matter and that our talents will put a smile on their faces, to at least make them forget their worries and assure them that the Filipino people in Dubai have not forgotten them,” Cortes said.

Among those performing will be musicians from SessionsDxb, solo performers and vocalists, and dance groups. Cortes said the show will feature the best talents from the Filipino community and “hopes to be an avenue by which the community can strengthen their resolve to be positive contributors to the UAE society and to our motherland, the Philippines”.

Source Credit: Gulf News


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