UAE Temperatures To Drop In 20s Next Week Signalling the End of Summer

Summer is officially over this weekend as temperatures are expected to drop as low as 23 degrees Celsius in parts of the UAE next week along with gusts of cool winds during the evenings, according to the National Center of Meteorology (NCM).

Nighttime temperatures in the UAE will dip to the high 20s and the NCM forecasts lows of 26 degrees in Dubai on Sunday.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi residents are expected to experience high 40s all weekend with fresh breeze coming as a relief after the thick humidity in August and September.

Over the course of the week, northeastern winds are expected to pick up speed of up to 40kms/hr, blowing up sand and dust, and reducing air quality and visibility.

On Monday Dubai will remain fairly cool during the day with temperature expected to reach 41 degrees Celsius while Abu Dhabi is forecast to remain just as hot.

Tuesday will be cooler for both emirates with the highs of 42 degrees in Abu Dhabi and 40 degrees in Dubai.

Low clouds are expected over the eastern coasts with winds blowing at 40 kms/hr causing light to moderate waves in the Arabian Gulf and the Sea of Oman. There is a chance of fog and mist over some coastal and internal areas during the mornings next week.



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