UAE: The ‘Rainbow Shaikh’ and his crazy car collection

The world’s weirdest car collection includes more than 200 vehicles ranging from a carpet on wheels and a giant Humvee to an amphibious MPV.

Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan, also known as the ‘Rainbow Sheikh’, is a member of the Abu Dhabi Ruling Family.

He is understood to have seven Mercedes 500 SELs painted in different colours of the rainbow which he stores in a giant pyramid.

The Arab sheikh has a taste for doing things on a large scale. He built the world’s largest truck, eight times the size of the Dodge Power Wagon, with four bedrooms inside the cabin.

Hamad constructed a motor home in the shape of a giant globe which is exactly 1 millionth the size of the actual earth.

He owns the world’s biggest Hummer H1, with stairs, a toilet with a sink and a guest space with a 360-degree view spread out over two storeys. The behemoth vehicle boasts a height of 21.6ft (6.6m), a length of 46ft (14m) and a width of 20ft (6m), and it is fully drivable.

Built on the frame of U.S Army LARC-LX steel-hulled amphibious cargo vehicle, it runs with four diesel engines – one for each wheel.

Hamad was recently spotted driving a Mercedes W128 with monster truck wheels. His enviable collection of motors also includes several vintage Mini Coopers and replicas of 1885 Benz Patent Motorwagens.

His personal fortune reportedly nearly rivals the Saudi king’s, with a net worth estimated at $ 20 billion. Hamad’s money allegedly comes from his family’s control over Abu Dhabi’s oil deposits.


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