UAE & UK leaders: Computers can’t replace humans

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While much has been said about the risks of automation and ‘thinking machines’ replacing human tasks and jobs, speakers at the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit’s (GMIS) roadshow event agreed that core ‘people skills’ – such as agility, problem solving and leadership – will remain critical in the workforce of the future.

“The reality is, threats like this already exist in the finance sector and in the IT sector,” Badr Al Olama, head of GMIS and director of aerospace at Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala, told the assembled group. “Now they exist in the manufacturing sector as well, as a result of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

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“AI doesn’t replace the human being, it simply makes humans more effective in doing the job,” he said. “It is a huge opportunity for businesses to enhance what they do.” At the less-skilled end of the workforce, jobs are more at risk from automation, Mr Al Olama acknowledged. But if governments plan in advance, any displacement can be contained.

Source Credit: The National
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