UAE: Woman accuses husband of witchcraft, assault, bounced cheque

An Arab woman has accused her husband of luring her into marriage using witchcraft and beating her up, causing severe injuries to her body.

She also claims that the man gave her a Dh1 million cheque as a marriage gift which later bounced, as he did not have sufficient funds in his bank account.

Official court documents stated that the woman had filed a complaint to authorities, saying that her husband had severely beaten her up learning she was going to report him to police for giving her a dud cheque. The man grabbed the cheque from her and locked her inside the bedroom to prevent her from reporting the matter to authorities.

She told authorities that when she went to her husband’s home after their wedding, she discovered the man practiced sorcery. He reportedly used to bring water and sprayed it around the house. She also found a paper with talismans, which was engraved with her name. She claimed the man had used witchcraft to persuade her into the marriage.

Her lawyer asked the court to convict the man of assaulting his wife and for practicing witchcraft. She said the case will be taken to the civil court for compensation after the first instance court has issued a verdict.

The man denied assaulting his wife and giving her a dud cheque when he appeared in court. The trial was adjourned to a future date.


Khaleej Times
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