UAE: Woman Chops Lover, Cooks His Remains & Feeds Workers

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In a rather gruesome and appalling incident, a woman, who has been charged with chopping her lover, cooking him into machboos and then feeding it to a few construction workers working near her home in Al Ain, meticulously planned the grisly murder, investigations have revealed.

The Moroccan woman living in Al Ain stands has been accused of dismembering her boyfriend and serving his cooked remains to construction labourers working near her house. The rest of the victim’s remains not eaten by the workers was thrown to neighbourhood dogs.

The woman allegedly butchered her lover after he told her he would marry his cousin, who is also from Morocco, according to the Al Ain Public Prosecution. The case came to light when the victim’s brother went looking for his sibling at the couple’s home and allegedly found a human tooth in a blender.

The brother, an Ajman resident, reported his findings to police after filing a missing persons report in January. Al Ain Prosecution sources confirmed to Gulf News that the woman was arrested months after the killing occurred.

Khalid Bin Jumhur Al Ahbabi, the accused’s lawyer, has denied media reports that she cooked her lover into machboos and gave it to workers. Al Ahbabi said police investigations are still subject to confirmation.

The first court session will be held on December 31, according to the lawyer.


Source Credit: Gulf News


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