UAE: World’s First Camel Hospital To Expand As Demand Increases

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Dubai Camel Hospital, the world’s first camel hospital is all set to expand its capacity by an additional 50%, in response to the massive demand for its services.

The state-of-the-art veterinary hospital has firmed up plans to enlarge its facilities to be able to treat over 30 camels simultaneously. It currently has a capacity for 22.

The camel hospital opened its doors in 2017 to meet the demand in the UAE for an advanced medical facility dedicated to treating camels. Since its inception, the hospital has attracted the interest of not only local owners but also camel breeders from across the world.

The hospital’s customised equipment was adapted from equestrian medical equipment to accommodate camel treatment and the facility is also equipped with a mini-race track to rehabilitate camels after their medical procedures.


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