UAE’s Abrahamic Family House To Open on March 1; All You Need to Know

The Abrahamic Family House has been inaugurated in the UAE Capital, sending out a fresh message of tolerance and coexistence. Featuring a mosque, church and a synagogue in the same compound, the interfaith complex on Saadiyat Island was designed by architect Sir David Adjaye.

A place for learning, dialogue and worship, the Abrahamic Family House is a cultural landmark that epitomises the shared values of harmonious coexistence and understanding among the three Abrahamic faiths of Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Here is everything you need to know about the religious complex:

What is the Abrahamic Family House ?

The Abrahamic Family House is a compound with three houses of worship – the key tenets of each Abrahamic faith.

The interfaith compound houses a mosque, church and a synagogue.

Who is it open to?

The religious compound is open to visitors of all backgrounds and beliefs. It is the perfect place to learn about different faiths and varying belief systems.

Is there an entry fee?

No, entry to the religious compound is free. However, visitors must book their place in advance.

Can I visit now?

The Abrahamic Family House has been inaugurated, however, it will be open to visitors from March 1, 2023 onwards.

Are there tours available?

Tours are available between 11am and 7pm, from Tuesday to Saturday. They are usually around an hour long and can be booked in either English or Arabic.

Is there a dress code?

Yes, there is a dress code. Women are required to cover their head in the premises. If they are not carrying a scarf, they will be provided one at the compound. Men are required to wear trousers that cover their knees and shirts that cover their shoulders.

Can I worship at the Abrahamic Family House?

Visitors can practise their faith at any of the three houses of worship at the Abrahamic Family House by attending a service, prayer meeting, or community gathering.

Worshippers are not required to book tickets but are kindly requested to enter the venue via specific entrances.

Can I attend a service of a faith outside my own?

If you wish to attend the service of a faith outside of your own, you are welcome to attend as a guest.

How can I get there?

There are two ways to get to the religious compound:

– Public transport

The Abrahamic Family House can be reached by the public bus route 94 which drops visitors at Gate B.

– Car/Taxi

Google Maps can be used to provide directions to the Main Entrance and Parking.

From Abu Dhabi City: From the Corniche head towards Mina Port and then follow signs to the Cultural District on Saadiyat Island.

From Dubai on E11 or Yas Island: Take the Saadiyat Island / Yas Island exit on to Sheikh Khalifa Highway E12 and drive along Yas Highway to the Cultural District on Saadiyat Island.


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