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UAE’s First AI-Enabled Honey Testing Centre Launched In Abu Dhabi

UAE’s first AI-enabled honey testing laboratory was launched in Abu Dhabi recently. The lab is built to ensure stringent quality checks, assurance, purity, and authenticity of local and international honey products.

Honey Quality Laboratory, opened by M42 in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (ADQCC), is located at the Central Testing Laboratory (CTL) in Masdar City.

The lab carries out comprehensive tests through advanced equipment to assess the quality of honey, detect any impurity, and make sure it complies with global standards. This is made possible through using AI-enhanced Lab Information Management System (LIMS), machine learning tools, and large language models (LLMs).

The unique selling point of the facility is its rich availability of data. The CTL – established to meet the market’s needs for quality infrastructure services – has been collecting data for its tests and research of different products.

Now, AI tools can be used for data analysis and augmenting and integration of massive data sets. LLMs can also scour large amounts of content to help gather information on the latest and best guidelines, advancement in production, specifications, and classifications of requirements, thereby making operations quicker and more accurate while ensuring the highest quality of honey for producers, consumers and beekeepers.

Asked about the benefits compared to traditional methods, Engineer Abdulla Al Muaini, Executive Director, Central Testing Laboratory at ADQCC,: “We probably provide more accurate results than any commercially available testing laboratories. Even the scope of the test we do is wider. We test for antibiotics, hormones, and more.”


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