UAE’s Top 10 Dream Jobs Revealed

As people’s lifestyle changes over time, so do their priorities in terms of careers.

In the UAE, the majority of people have selected becoming a poet as their dream job, preferring it over many other technology and sports jobs.

Poetry has long been a part of Arab culture and this was reflected in the regional data which showed that becoming a poet was the dream job across all of the UAE’s neighbouring countries — including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen and Kuwait, of preferring it over the top global dream job of a pilot.

These findings were revealed by Remitly, a digital financial service firm.

In the UAE, the other dream jobs that made it to the top of residents’ list are mainly related to technology and sports. The second-ranked dream job is to become a scientist followed by YouTuber, influencer, comedian, football coach, footballer, athlete, illustrator and programmer.

Here’s the top 10 jobs for the Emirates’ residents:

1. Poet

2. Scientist

3. YouTuber

4. Influencer

5. Comedian

6. Football coach

7. Footballer

8. Athlete

9. Illustrator


YouTubers or social media influencers are relatively new jobs that appeared in the past decade while football is a passion that is deeply rooted in the Arab culture and is the most popular sport in this region.


Khaleej Times

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