Unlicensed medical professionals busted in Dubai

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Many unlicensed individuals were stopped from practising medicine after they were caught red-handed during inspections, according to the Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) health regulation department.

The team was able to confiscate medical equipment used for surgery, abortion and ultrasound, in addition to large quantities of medicines and medical solutions and drugs included in the category of the controlled and semi-controlled medicines in addition to non-registered drugs and large amounts of cash.

Implementing this resolution ensures that the quality of services provided in the sector and ensures that health facilities and professionals are compliant with laws and regulations. Dr. Al Mulla stressed the importance of reporting violations, offenders and facilities who are practising medicine illegally, calling on the public to be cautious of medical advertisements on social media and do research and ensure the validity of these services before getting the treatment or service done.

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Source Credit: Khaleej Times



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