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Unsold Teslas Pile-Up In Mall Parking-Lots, Big Discounts Likely

Tesla is renting parking lots to store thousands of vehicles. This helps explain the mass layoffs.

Tesla Cranking Out Cars, But to Where?

Please consider Tesla’s Storing Unsold Inventory In An Abandoned Mall Parking Lot

Parking lots full of Tesla vehicles are becoming impossible to ignore as the electric automaker seemingly can’t sell enough cars and trucks to match its rate of production. According to its own figures, the electric automaker produced 46,561 more vehicles than it delivered to customers during the first quarter of 2024. Where are all these cars going? Parking lots at its factories, malls and airports.

Recent drone footage from the automaker’s Fremont, California factory shows that cars are still rolling off the assembly lines at a high rate to fill the site’s lots. Things aren’t different on the other side of the Atlantic. Neuhardenberg, a small town in Germany of less than 3,000 residents, is complaining about the noise Tesla transporters are making as the company parks cars at the nearby regional airport.

Spotlight Germany

The residents of Neuhardenberg and the surrounding communities are annoyed by the traffic noise: many trucks loaded with Tesla cars drive across the streets to the airport where the cars are stored. It should continue like this at least until June.

Around Neuhardenberg the rural peace is over: columns of trucks from the Tesla factory in Grünheide thunder across the streets several times an hour. The reason: Since last summer, the nearby regional airport has been used as a parking area for Tesla vehicles.

The contract between Tesla and the airport operator runs until June 2024. It is still unclear whether it will be extended. The people of Neuhardenberg will have to continue to adapt to the trucks.

In Preparation for Next Phase of Growth

On April 15, I noted Elon Musk Fires 10 Percent of Tesla Workforce, Prepares for “Next Phase of Growth”

Preparing for Growth

Preparing for growth by firing working is like trying to lose weight by stocking the pantry with more potato chips.


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