US: Biden Undecided on Signing Bill Declassifying All Information on COVID-19 Origins

President Joe Biden said Friday on afternoon that he’s still considering whether to sign a bill that declassifies all the information the government has about COVID-19’s origins. Earlier on Friday, the House voted unanimously for the Biden administration to declassify all information related to the origins of COVID – nearly three years since the Trump administration declared a national emergency due to the pandemic.

The American public is now one step closer to discovering the truth about the start of the virus that sparked widespread lockdowns and restrictions, and to the extent to which China is to blame. The vote passed 419-0 on Friday, with all members of Congress backing the bid to make links to the Wuhan lab and documents on the beginning of the virus public. The bill now heads to President Biden’s desk after the Senate passed it earlier this month, and Republicans have demanded he signs it to clarify what happened. 

If the President does not take action for ten days while Congress is in session, it automatically becomes law. He can veto it, but Congress has enough votes – two-thirds of the House and the Senate – to override a veto. The bipartisan vote comes two weeks after a Department of Energy report stated that COVID likely leaked from an accidental lab leak in China.

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