US-China Conflict To Result in ‘Nuclear World War’ if Grim Attack Plan Takes Place: Expert

A future US-China conflict over Taiwan could turn nuclear if American forces attack the Chinese mainland, defence experts have warned.

Analysts have told The U.S. Sun that the battleground must be confined to the Taiwan Strait.

China considers Taiwan part of its territory, with President Xi not ruling out using force if a diplomatic solution cannot be achieved.

Washington does not support Taiwanese independence but opposes “any unilateral changes” to the status quo from either side. President Biden has repeatedly said that American troops would defend Taiwan if China invaded. China’s rapid militarisation and deteriorating Sino-American relations have raised fears that a conflict could erupt between the two superpowers.

Experts have warned that any conflict must remain a “war of attrition.” Security studies expert Sam Tangredi of The U.S. Naval War College said: “Any war must be confined to the sea. “A war of attrition has to be fought where a Chinese victory would be in peril.”

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The Sun
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