USA: Elon Musk Slams Media Coverage Of Scott Adams’ Controversy as “Racist”

 Shortly after the coordinated cancellation of ‘Dilbert’ cartoons from numerous media outlets, Elon Musk responded on Twitter to the media’s clear bias in reporting the events. In the early hours of Sunday morning, Musk replied to tweet summarizing the debacle around Adams’ comments: “MSM verdict: Adams is a racist, but not the 20 million black people who thinks it’s not OK to be white.”

Those remarks in a recent episode of his “Real Coffee with Scott Adams” podcast came after he shared the unsettling results of a Rasmussen poll. When asked if they agree with the statement “It’s ok to be white,” 26% of blacks disagreed and 21% weren’t sure. 

In addition to the USA Today Network — which includes the Arizona Republic, St. Augustine Record, Courier-Journal (KY), Austin American-Statesman and hundreds more — the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, San Antonio Express-News, Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago Tribune and Cleveland Plain Dealer were among other individual papers racing to drop Adams like a hot potato. 

Adams put forward a seemingly paradoxical attempt to clarify his intended message, saying: “Everyone should be treated as an individual” and “You should also avoid any group that doesn’t respect you, even if there are people within the group who are fine” 

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