This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself and your loved one to a couple’s massage and chocolate bath in Al Areen

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The benefits of massage are manifold: you get pampered while your blood circulation is stimulated, you are soothed and relaxed and the tension in your muscles and mind just fades away.

Al Areen goes the extra mile by introducing a couple’s massage that allows you to share the benefits of being pampered with your partner. Couples can experience the luxury of the spa’s Royal Pavilion Couples Treatment Rooms as they are taken care of by expertly trained masseurs. For complete indulgence, a chocolate milk bath awaits at the end of the massage. Herbal tea and fresh exotic cut fruits are also served after treatment.

This is indeed an awe-inspiring treat. From the moment you step into the courtyard, it looks as if you are in the setting for a story in the Arabian Nights. The whole design of the five-star hotel was inspired from the gardens of the Royal Arabian palaces. Before we started, we were given a tour of the spa—the largest spa in Bahrain which is spread over 10,000 square metres with a Garden Hammam pool and a Hydrotherapy garden. We were shown the spa pavilions each with twin rain mist shower beds, the hammam garden, and the ladies beauty garden and Gentleman’s salon. Grand, airy and luxurious, you will definitely feel at home in your surroundings.

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Personalized Care

At the start of the session, the masseuse asked us when our birthdays were as the oils used during the treatment are personalized to your sign. As I was born in June, my treatment oil was a mixture of geranium, jasmine, and orange—which I loved.

The masseuse asked about trouble or tension areas in the body, if you sleep well and if you have any aches and pains. This is the kind of thing that a doctor or a healer would ask and indeed if you think about it, massage is one natural way of healing the body and calming the mind.

The massage itself was very relaxing, the masseuse kneaded all the tension away from our bodies. The stresses of urban life are such that we have a lot of tension points within the body itself so massage first-timers will experience spots of soreness after the massage. But after the masseuse started massaging our head and temples, it felt as if all our cares and troubles melted away. This was a great state to enjoy the chocolate milk bath which followed.

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Advice & Follow-up

After the massage session, our masseuse came back and told us that a sedentary lifestyle leads to the body being tense and the bones becoming a little bit brittle. But through stretching and regular massage, this can be resolved and the body will be more springy and flexible. I personally liked the fact that they give body counseling and health tips.

Al Areen goes the extra mile by introducing a couple’s massage that allows you to share the benefits of being pampered with your partner.

Al Areen Palace & Spa is definitely a place of respite and relaxation, a great way to unwind and recover the vitality of your body and mind. Worth noting is that Al Areen was recognized by World Luxury Hotel Awards, global organization providing luxury hotels with recognition for their world class facilities and service excellence provided to guests. In 2016, Al Areen won Luxury Private Pool Villa in Bahrain and World’s Luxury Spa Award.


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