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Validity of iqama, re-entry and visit visas extended in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has started to automatically extend the validity of residence permits (Iqama) and exit and re-entry visas without fees or charges until 31/01/2022. This extension, which was issued by the Minister of Finance, falls within the government’s continuing efforts to deal with the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has been indicated that the extension will be carried out automatically without the need to visit the departments of passports. The extension process is as follows:

  • First: Extending the validity of residence permits as well as exit and re-entry visas for residents who are in the countries from which entry is suspended as a result of COVID until 31/01/2022, except for those who were fully vaccinated inside the Kingdom before they left.
  • Second: Extending the validity of visit visas by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for visitors who are outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and from countries facing entry suspension as a result of the outbreak of novel coronavirus until 31/01/2022.


Saudi Press Agency

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