Video Saves Tailor Shop Owner, Asian National Of Deportation Charges, Fines

A customer at a tailor shop, who faced deportation and fine, after an officer mistook him as an illegal employee, finally got his reprieve, thanks to a crucial nine-second video presented by the shop owner.

The brief 9-second video became the linchpin in exonerating the Asian national from a three-year deportation sentence.

The incident began during an official inspection of a local tailor shop. Authorities, misinterpreting the Asian national as an employee, booked him and fined the shop owner BD1,000 for allegedly employing him illegally.

Despite immediate protests from the owner, who insisted that the man was merely a customer, the lack of supporting evidence at the time made the situation dire.

As the trial unfolded, defence attorney Mohammed Al Sharaabi presented a pivotal piece of evidence: a video recording of the incident.

The 9-second clip captured the moment the judicial enforcement officer entered the shop. Concurrently, the owner was seen descending from the first floor, followed by the accused.

The video showed the owner fitting a pair of trousers on the Asian man, supporting his claim that the man was indeed a customer.

The court scrutinised the video and concluded that there was no concrete evidence of the Asian national performing any work duties.

The judge questioned the validity of the accusations, ultimately siding with the defendants.

In a final ruling, the court acquitted both the shop owner and the Asian national of all charges, nullifying the deportation order and the BD20 fine previously imposed on the Asian national.

Justice prevailed, thanks to a brief but powerful video clip that revealed the truth.


The Daily Tribune

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