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Videos: Saudi Arabia Hit by Heavy Rains, Widespread Flooding Reported, More Rains Forecast in Medina

Heavy rains and thunderstorms have lashed Saudi Arabia over the past 24 hours, causing widespread flooding and significant damage.

Amidst the downpour, visitors at the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina were seen enjoying the rain and engaging in prayer, embracing this natural occurrence with a sense of reverence.

Al Eis Governorate in the Medina region experienced particularly severe rainfall, which led to the formation of powerful torrents that overflowed reefs and valleys.

The intense flooding resulted in submerged vehicles, disrupted streets, and damaged infrastructure, prompting immediate response from emergency service.

The Saudi Directorate of Civil Defence in Medina region has issued warnings, urging public to exercise caution.

They have advised residents to avoid valleys and water streams and to be vigilant when traveling on agricultural roads between regions.

The Saudi National Centre of Meteorology has escalated the alert level to red for Medina, forecasting more heavy rains accompanied by thunderstorms and high-speed winds, which are expected to continue affecting various regions across the kingdom.


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