Violations that can get you up to Dh2,000 fine in Dubai

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Flouting certain rules and regulations in Dubai can prove to be an expensive affair. So, be wary of your actions or be prepared to pay the price.

1. Metro

The Dubai Metro may be the most convenient mode of commute in the city, but non-adherence to rules might cost a person dearly. When travelling on the metro, one must absolutely refrain from using any of the safety as well as the security devices or even the emergency exits if they are not needed.

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Non-compliance to this can lead to Dh2,000 fine for the violator.

2. Parking

  • Parking of vehicles without a number plate is equivalent to a Dh1,000 fine.
  • The unlawful use of parking space meant for people of determination or the use of an expired permit for availing it can also leave the violator Dh1,000 poorer. The same amount of fine is to be paid for parking of vehicles in a reserved parking or not showing a permit.
  • Pitching up of a parking umbrella without a permit/ authority can be fined by Dh1,000.
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3. Tram

The Dubai Tram solves the commuting woes of Dubai residents. However, an intrusion or any kind of obstruction with the operation or the functioning of the tram can cost a commuter no less than Dh2,000.

Affecting the tram’s safety and infrastructure can also deplete the traveller’s savings by Dh2,000.

Source Credit: Khaleej Times


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