Volkswagen releases new Golf GTI model

Volkswagen’s new Golf GTI is the eighth generation of the Golf compact model. This efficient high-tech compact sports car is the most digitalised to date.

Packed with pioneering technology, it features Volkswagen’s most advanced connectivity and driver assistance systems, and an all-new digital dashboard. It has a 2.0 TSI turbocharged engine generating 180 kW (245 HP).  

The Golf GTI has been an icon among sports cars for almost 45 years. Now, this compact model is available with enhanced driving dynamics and a larger number of connectivity solutions and digital features.

Like its predecessors, the new Golf GTI is equipped with Volkswagen’s time-tested front-wheel drive system. Combining maximum dynamism and maximum comfort, agile driving, unmatchable design and smooth ergonomics create the embodiment of the GTI.

The new Golf GTI has also become lower, more elongated and dynamic. The infamous GTI strip has been redefined by a parallel LED crossbar and LED high taillights. Its agility and sportiness has been perfected with the new networked Vehicle Dynamics Manager.

A new GTI graphics layout for the standard Digital Cockpit has been developed with an active info display and it can be opened using the new View button on the steering wheel. App-Connect and wireless charging are also standard.

The GTI comes in two trim-lines with several options, plus an optional Black Style package which includes blacked mirrors, grill strips and headlight features.

The new Golf GTI is available at the Volkswagen showroom in Sitra.

For more information or a test drive, contact the showroom at 17459977.


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