Wadi Al-Bardani is Saudi Arabia’s most beautiful valley

GIVEN its green landscape and flowing water, Wadi Al-Bardani is one of Saudi Arabia’s most beautiful valleys.

The valley, which is located in Bareq governorate north of Mahayil Asir, is distinguished for its river that flows all year round from the town of Al-Mashbah and other areas in Asir and flows into Wadi Baqrah.

The two towns Bin Otyafa and Al-Asrat are located around the valley.

In addition to the river, the valley is also famous for green land and mountainous formations. It is surrounded by agricultural land, and shepherds often take their herd there to rest as there is plenty of greenery and water.

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The Arabic word Bardani literally means a land of shades.

Traveler Mohammed Al-Shawi told Al-Arabiya.net that the valley is very unique and attracts people who like the scenery.

He noted that it is one of the most beautiful valleys in the Kingdom. There are plenty of insects there because of the water and grass. Scutch grass is one of the most dominant types of grass found in the area.

Photographer Abdullah Bin Shalwan has taken plenty of photos of the valley and published them on his social media accounts. — Al-Arabiya English

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Source Credit: Saudi Gazette