Watch: Egyptian Music Icon Amr Diab Slaps Fan At Wedding Party, Family Vows Legal Action

Egyptian music icon Amr Diab has sparked outrage after a video documented him slapping a fan who tried to take a selfie with him during a wedding party.

The incident, captured in a video that has since gone viral, shows the 62-year-old singer striking the young man across the face as he approached for a photo.
Deeply offended by the act, the fan’s family has voiced their intent to take legal action.

“He’d better have shot him to death rather than slap him on the face,” stated the victim’s father to local media, emphasizing the family’s determination to seek justice through legal channels.

“We are proud people from Upper Egypt, and we will take our rights under the law. I will file a report now against Amr Diab.”

The incident has led to significant backlash against Diab on social media, with many users condemning his actions as unbecoming of his stature and previous public persona.

This is not the first time Diab has faced criticism for his behavior; past incidents include verbal insults to his private driver and an altercation with a sound engineer on stage.
As the public and fans react, the repercussions of this recent outburst are yet to be fully seen, but it marks another troubling chapter for the artist in dealing with public interactions.


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