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Watch: Etihad A380 Amazing Crosswind Landing During Storm

An Etihad A380 braved strong winds on Saturday, February 15, while attempting to land in the UK.

A captivating video of the landing, posted on Youtube, shows the world’s largest commercial passenger plane negotiating crosswinds as it was approaching the runway.

In the video, Etihad pilots are seen braving the maddening, stubborn winds as the massive aircraft gingerly descends upon the runway. The pilots pulled off a rather classy sideways steer.

Indeed it is always fascinating to see an A380 up close and front. And when this massive flying machine tackles stubborn winds, looking every bit like it’s dancing in the air before it hits terra firma, it’s a sight to behold.

One can’t help it but watch in awe of the pilots who skillfully tackle unseen, but powerful, forces of nature — landing hundreds of passengers and crew unscathed.


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