Ways to get arrested in Dubai

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1. Brushing up against a man in a bar

Tourist Jamie Harron hit headlines after he was arrested for touching a man’s hip in a Dubai bar. Cops arrested the 27-year-old from Stirling, Scotland for public indecency in July earlier this year.

2. Using fake money

Fellow Scot Billy Barclay faced a year in a hellish Dubai prison after mistakenly using a fake £20 on his dream holiday. Police accused the 31-year-old plasterer of passing on fake money during a trip with his wife and two kids to the United Arab Emirates last year.

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3. Swearing in road rage

Brit Jamil Ahmad, 23, had a run in with the law after flicking the V during a road-rage incident. Cops heard of the incident and arrested Ahmad on grounds of “public obscenity”. His wife was forced to fly back to Leicester while Ahmad faces a six month prison sentence.

Source Credit: The Sun
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