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“We Definitely Messed Up”: Google Co-founder Addresses Woke Gemini Fiasco

“We definitely messed up on the image generation, and it was mostly due to not thorough testing,” Google co-founder Sergey Brin said at the Gemini Hackathon regarding the controversy surrounding Gemini, a woke artificial intelligence bot, which has been criticized for misinformation and disinformation. 

A video featuring, Brin, currently a major shareholder at Alphabet, the parent company of Google, shows him making no apologies for the historical inaccuracies and woke biases in Gemini. 

Gemini’s inaccuracies were so egregious that they appeared not to be mistakes but instead a possible deliberate effort by its woke creators to rewrite history. The image function on the bot has been paused for over a week. 

Google scrambled last week as it entered damage control mode. 

Alphabet’s Sundar Pichai described the Gemini issue as “completely unacceptable” in a statement.


Meanwhile, there are mounting boycott calls for all Google products:

“I’ve been reading Google’s Gemini damage control posts. I think they’re simply not telling the truth. For one, their text-only product has the same (if not worse) issues. And second, if you know a bit about how these models are built, you know you don’t get these “incorrect” answers through one-off innocent mistakes,” one X user stated in a post that has more than 5 million views. He further mentioned that he’s “done with Google.” 


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