“We’re Numb” To Chaos: Baltimore Crowned America’s Overdose Capital

“Walking through the streets of Baltimore City, especially on the west side, feels like navigating a war zone. Drug gangs have taken over entire neighbourhoods, and the police are nowhere to be found. We’ve all become numb to the violence, with shootings and drug overdoses around the clock. The fentanyl flooding the streets is killing people left and right, and all that’s left out of all this chaos are used Narcan kits littering city streets,” said Baltimore resident Theresa Davis.

Davis continued with a few questions: “Where are the politicians who promised the end of the drug crisis? You know, the White House is just right down the street—where is Biden?”

“This is insane – our leaders have failed us,” she added.

Davis’ shocking account of life in Baltimore City and the around-the-clock chaos leaves one wondering why the metro area is imploding. 

Baltimore has been trending down for decades, but the death of Freddie Gray sparked the “Ferguson effect” and ushered in failed social and criminal justice reforms that only resulted in record homicides, violent crime, and drug overdoses in the last decade. 

Our latest report showed that defunding the police movement is not working well… 

All of this has led to a population collapse. 

The exodus accelerated in the last ten years. 

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