How Western pop images are censored for the Middle East

10+ Pics That Reveal How The Same Products And Images Look In The West Vs. Middle-East
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In the Western world, album artwork or concert posters featuring stars in revealing clothing barely raises an eyebrow. But that’s not the case everywhere…

A fascinating collection of photos compiled by BoredPanda reveals the stark contrast between iconic images from pop culture – before and after being censored in light of cultural sensitivities in many countries of the Middle East. 

Many countries in the Middle East often required to cover up their face and body when they are out in public in keeping with Islamic traditions. 

So racy images of global stars like Shakira, Madonna and Ariana Grande require significant adjustment before being exposed to the market.

In many cases famous pop albums are given a modest makeover, with midriffs and cleavage cleverly disguised using Photoshop to turn tight jeans into flowing skirts, or a crop top into a demure sweater.

In other instances editors have bypassed photo editing software altogether to blank out exposed flesh by hand. 

BoredPanda has compiled a collection of images from popular culture showing how they have been censored in the Middle East

Women in countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran are often required to cover their bodies in public in keeping with Islamic tradition - therefore racier album covers require censoring 

In this creative alteration Christina Aguilera is placed inside of a lotus flower 

Geri Halliwell's album cover is given a modest makeover as she is given a bold red all-in-one

With her stomach and cleavage on display Mariah Carey is given a rather subtle edit on this album cover 

And the singer receives another edit here where her furry friend becomes somewhat fluffier

Despite her album being called 'Stripped' Christina Aguilera is given another layer in the second image

With no photo editing software at hand this shop simply used a marker to cover up J Lo 

Kylie Minogue goes from swimsuit to full body suit in this less than subtle edit

Britney Spears is treated to the same cropping treatment on the cover of Oops! I did it again 

In a less than subtle alteration Mariah is given a rather clunky pair of trousers under her dress

The topless image of Shakira is done a way with by cropping in on the singer's face 

In a campaign for her fragrance Rihanna's silk jacket is fastened to cover her modesty 

It isn't only women who must remain modest with a topless Justin Bieber album looking rather different in the Middle East 

The addition of a red body suit means that Katy Perry's album is now shelf appropriate in the Middle East 

In this Gisele campaign for H&M the model is given a slight tweak in the form of a t-shirt under her strappy tops

It may have been one of her more modest outfits but Miley Cyrus' Bangerz album cover is still deemed inappropriate in the Middle East

In the absence of Photshop the models on these inflatable boxes are scribble out with a sharpie

In the absence of Photshop the models on these inflatable boxes are scribbled out with a felt pen.


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