What is inquiry-based learning at Canadian School Bahrain?

Inquiry-based learning engages students in their lessons and activities which helps them to foster a deeper understanding of what they have learnt and to make key connections to previous and future learning.

Keep inquiry-based learning at the core of your child’s learning process

A certified offshore school offering the British Columbia, Canada curriculum (BC Curriculum), the Canadian School Bahrain (CSB) understands the power of positive education.

Students are being developed to become confident in their culture, and empowered to achieve academic excellence through nurturing moral values: integrity, responsibility, respect, and courage. They are being guided to become engaged thinkers, and ethical citizens with an entrepreneurial ethos.

What is the BC curriculum?

Offering a balanced, concept, and inquiry-based approach that is student-centered – the BC Curriculum is an internationally renowned education program that teaches students through fostering a lifelong love of learning.  

Its core competencies are integrated into all learning, namely: communication, critical and creative thinking, and personal and social responsibility.

Graduates from the program receive a BC Certificate of Graduation called the Dogwood Diploma, which is internationally recognized. It is equivalent to a secondary school/Tawjihi certificate.

How is CSB moulding their students?

CSB students are taught “how to learn”. They are encouraged to use their inquisitive minds, learn from experiences, and apply them to everyday life.

As part their curriculum, they focus on the importance of matters such as Social Responsibility and taking care of our environment – with activities like the beach cleanups.

CSB is also the first private school to begin a hands-on learning experience in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Bahrain Authority of Cultures and Antiquities. The students learned the ins and outs of archaeology at the Janabiyah Burial Mounds. They dug and carefully extracted buried artifacts which they later put together in the reconstruction phase.

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CSB is located in Diyar Al Muharraq. For more information, call 66644234 or visit their website.


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