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Nespresso has created a range of decaffeinated coffees delivering a mirror image flavour profile of its caffeinated counterpart. The coffee experts at Nespresso carefully created the latest launch with rich aromatic notes of green coffees in the blends being carefully preserved during the decaffeination process, which respects the coffee bean’s true nature and which makes it possible to maintain the strength and richness of its aromas.

The search is over for the perfect afternoon or evening Grand Cru for intense coffee lovers as Nespresso launches Ristretto Decaffeinato. The new Ristretto Decaffeinato is the perfect relaxing treat for those who prefer to limit their caffeine but are looking for a powerful and rich sensory experience at any time of day. It has the same powerful character and contrasting taste as the much-loved, original Ristretto, simply decaffeinated. Ristretto Decaffeinato joins the existing range of Nespresso decaffeinated coffees.

Each Nespresso decaffeinated coffee has been given a new, distinguishable red ring around the capsule so they can be easily identified alongside other Grands Crus. The Decaffeinato range comprises:

Arpeggio Decaffeinato

Dark roasted and rich in flavour, Arpeggio Decaffeinato boasts the same strong character, intense body and indulgent cocoa notes as the original Arpeggio Grand Cru. The split roasting reveals the specificities of each origin: longer roasting yields a darker bean and releases the intense, cocoa-like flavors of the Brazilian and Costa Rican Arabicas; a shorter and lighter roasting of the selected Arabica from South America highlights its softer fruity notes. Intensity: 9

Volluto Decaffeinato

Delightfully sweet and smooth, Volluto Decaffeinato has the same rich flavours and round body as the original Volluto Grand Cru. The selected pure Arabica beans are roasted separately to highlight their specificities: a shorter roast unfolds the sweet, biscuity notes of the Brazilian Arabica, while a longer but lighter roast preserves fresh and fruity notes of the Colombian beans. Intensity: 4

Vivalto Lungo Decaffeinato

A complex yet balanced blend, Vivalto Lungo Decaffeinato has the same rich character as the original Vivalto Lungo Grand Cru: roasted, lightly woody, with sweet cereal and subtle floral notes. It is a pure Arabica blend from several origins including South America and East Africa. Separate roasting of the beans brings out the characters of the different origins and develops the complexity of the flavor: a shorter and lighter roast preserves the subtle, flowery bouquet of the Ethiopian beans and the fruity notes of the Colombian, while a darker and longer roast reinforces the character of the blend and develops its bitterness. Intensity: 4

Flavor Profile

Intensely roasted and rich in flavour, Ristretto Decaffeinato has the same powerful character and contrasting taste as the original Ristretto. A selection of the best Latin American and East African Arabicas is sophisticatedly blended with a touch of Robusta, roasted separately to create the subtle fruity note of this full bodied, intense Espresso.

Intensity: 10

Serving size: Ristretto (25ml) or Espresso (40ml)

Ristretto Decaffeinato will be available from

Nespresso Boutique

Level 1,Bahrain City Center

Nespresso Booth

Gate 5 Seef Mall

As well as through orders

from the Nespreso Customer Care Centres by calling toll free 8000 1999

(Sunday thru Thursday 8am to 5pm)


from 27/03/2017


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