Woman fights back against morality police who told her to put on hijab

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A woman has been filmed defying morality police in Iran after they told her to cover her head.

She met the group of female officers at Darzaveh Zowlat in Tehran, and was told she needed to put on hijab to comply with Iran’s strict rules on what women should wear. But instead of changing her clothes, the woman became angry and tried to kick one of them.

She accuses them of meddling in everything and chases them down the platform, saying ‘I wear what I want. None of your business. You are not my parents.’

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Another policewoman then steps in front of her and tries to push her away while the others scurry away down the platform

The enraged woman then boots one of the officers, sending her running away in fear before screaming at them: ‘You’ve corrupted this society with your ways!’

Eventually one of the male metro operators decides to intervene to help the woman, telling the morality police: ‘You shouldn’t intervene.’

One of the metro station's workers then steps in to help the woman as a group of men intervene to keep the peace

This is not the first time the Iranian morality police have been caught on camera trying to enforce strict religious clothing protocol.


Source Credit: Daily Mail


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