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Woman Throws Her Shoe At Chef Before Karate Kicking Him

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Saudi: This is the shocking moment a woman in Saudi Arabia attacked a chef in a restaurant with karate kicks after first throwing her shoe at him. The man believed to be working at the Abu Zaid diner in Jeddah – was called from his kitchen to confront the angry customer, dressed all in black.

Without warning, she hurls her footwear at him which, in Middle Eastern culture, is seen as an incredibly offensive insult. With lightning-quick reflexes, he ducks to avoid it but is not so lucky when she launches phase two of her assault.

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She immediately executes a ninja-like kick to his stomach, which pushes him backwards as his colleagues look on in amazement. She kicks him again and then swings her arm wide before throwing a punch, narrowly missing both the chef and a co-worker.


After one final half-hearted kick in his direction, she points her finger as if to scold him. The clip, which was posted on Liveleak, doesn’t make clear why she was so angry.

Source Credit: zockme


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