Women need not bother men anymore for Bahrain-Saudi trips

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Women from Saudi Arabia will be able to drive cars and cross into neighboring Bahrain by car without men on June 24, when the permission to drive cars for Saudi women officially comes into force, Saudi Ambassador to Bahrain Abdullah bin Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh said.

“Saudi women have the right to independently cross by car into Bahrain via King Fahd Causeway on June 24, and Bahraini women can come by car to Saudi Arabia and drive across its territory without being unaccompanied by men starting from next Sunday,” Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh told Akhbar al-Khalidj newspaper in an interview.

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Many Bahrainis love shopping in Dammam since goods are comparatively cheap in the neighboring Kingdom.

Speaking to Daily Tribune, Bahraini Yasmine Ahmed said, “I am thrilled to go to Saudi driving my car. Now we women can go and shop with friends and family members.” “We won’t be bothering men anymore to go to Saudi,” she said.

Saudi Women can also have the freedom to cross, shop and do some tourism around the neighboring kingdom, which could prove to be a windfall for Bahrain.

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Source Credit: AMEinfo


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