Women take a lead in UAE’s space missions

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Five years ago when engineer Amel Amin joined the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre, there was only one female engineer employed there. But, fast forward to today, more than 80 per cent of applications received by the centre are from women.

“The change is mostly because the work has become localised. In the past 10 years, we had a lot of the work done in South Korea, so we would have to relocate and work there. It was harder for girls to join, but since the work has moved to the UAE, we’ve seen a lot of the engagement from girls,” Amin, who is currently the head of education unit at the MBRSC, said.

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“I think this reflects what you see in universities these days because more girls are graduating in engineering than males,” she said. The MBRSC looks after the space projects taking place in the UAE, including the country’s satellites – DubaiSat 1, DubaiSat 2, Nayif-1 and Khalifa Sat.

Source Credit: Khaleej Times
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