Workers get to speak better English in UAE

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SmartReading is a reading programme started by the SmartLife in line with the 2016 UAE Government initiative of the Year of Reading. The five-month initiative helps blue-collar workers read and speak good English not only to boost their confidence but also to help further their career and improve their communication skills. The programme runs across four centres and 13 classrooms, in labour accommodations across Sonapur, Al Quoz and others. Recently, the programme held its graduation ceremony for the 2017 H1 batch – which ran from February to June – on the premises of Gems Wellington School to celebrate 84 graduates of SmartReading programme. The programme aims at teaching blue-collar workers to read and speak good English and boost their confidence.

“Every human being is entitled to education and development and social inclusion. This is how SmartReading in Dubai plays a significant role. They develop programmes for development of those who are often forgotten – the workers,” said Steve Burnell, CEO at School Transport Services.

Expressing his vision of the programme, SmartLife president Vinod Mehra said: “The vision of SmartReading is to ensure that every blue-collar worker in the city has access to this programme and should be able to communicate in English. Through this programme, our second aim is to build a team of blue-collars from our classes, who can take future classes of workers. I would like to congratulate our SmartReading team comprising 32 teachers and equal number of volunteers – for their tremendous hard-work and meticulous planning.”

Source Credit: Khaleej Times
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