World’s Largest Falcon Racing Tournament In Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia’s King Abdul Aziz Falconry Festival has been recognised by the Guinness Book of Records (GBR) as the world’s largest falcon racing tournament.

The festival was announced as the world’s largest falcon racing tournament with participation of a record 1,723 Falcons that have competed for 10 days ( Jan. 25 – Feb. 3).

Saudi Falcons Club executive director Hossam bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Hazimi received the official certificate confirming festival registration from GBR official representative, Shida Subasi Jamissi, in Malham, north of Riyadh.

The world record announcement was a new Saudi achievement in the world’s largest falconry festival with a total cash pot of prizes valued at SR17,630,000, amid wide participation of falconers from Saudi Arabia, GCC and the world.

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“It is an honour to attend SFC competitions, in which 1,723 Falcons have participated, a new category that was recorded according to the international standards,” said Jamesi.

“The recognized standards state that there should be no threat to life and all participating falcons must be in good shape. After getting the accurate number from Statistics Dept., I can confirm that SFC was officially registered in GBR with 1723 falcons, as the world’s largest falcons’ tournament here in Riyadh on February 3, 2019,” she added.

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The SFC organized the Al-Melwah 400 meters competition which included rounds for Saudi falconers and international rounds, while 13 cup rounds were run on Sunday to pick 39 winners.

The winners of each round will receive SR500,000, while second and third places will get SR200,000 and SR100,000 respectively.

Source: Arab News


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