“Worst He’s Ever Been” – G7 Dignitaries Admit Biden Was “Losing Focus”

According to one source, Biden is “the worst he’s ever been,” with attendees from other delegations saying it was “embarrassing.”

As we highlighted, Biden was seen wandering off like a dementia patient and looking perpetually confused.

Biden also skipped the dinner later in the evening, before returning to the US.

Of course, the Biden campaign claims it’s all “lies” and the footage of him was “taken out of context.”

Biden’s campaign spokesperson Adrienne Elrod described the headlines and reports as “disinformation” and suggested that social media platforms should prevent it from being shared.

It has also been reported that the debate between Biden and Trump scheduled for June 27 will see the pair seated at tables at the request of Biden’s campaign.

Trump told the hosts of the Cats & Cosby Show last month “I hear now we’re sitting at tables. I don’t want to sit at a table.”

“I said, ‘No, let’s stand.’ But they want to sit at a table,” Trump further remarked, adding “So we’ll be sitting at a table as opposed to doing it the way you should be, in my opinion, in a debate.”



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