Yara al-Namla: First to represent women during Saudi National Day celebrations

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For the first time at Jeddah’s al-Jawhara Stadium, Yara Ibrahim al-Namla represented the Saudi women in celebrating the kingdom’s National Day by taking part in an operetta. Regarding her role, al-Namla, 18, said she was nominated by the operetta’s director Munir Al Qahtani and was finally chosen by the Chairman of Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for Entertainment Ahmed Al-Khatib.

The Saudi national, currently studying architecture at Prince Sultan University, said she was selected according to features representing the successful enlightened Saudi woman “who has a common role with her male compatriot in establishing the achievement and keeping pace with the development,” she added.

She stressed that she had her family’s support throughout and that it had a great role in her success. She highlighted that her main supporter has been Saudi Crown prince Mohamed Bin Salman and Chairman of the General Authority for Entertainment Ahmed al-Khatib.

Source Credit: Al Arabiya
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