Young Ukrainians Scared To Leave Their Homes As More And More Videos Emerge Of Forced Conscription

Authored by Thomas Brooke via Remix News

As Ukraine’s manpower on its frontlines starts to dwindle, military leaders are becoming increasingly desperate to locate new recruits to propel its counteroffensive against Russia forward; however, the number of young people volunteering for such a challenge has plummeted.

Recent videos of young Ukrainian men being conscripted across the country have circulated in popular encrypted messaging apps in Ukraine, and those fearful of being sent to the front are actively engaging in evasive and, in some instances, illegal tactics to avoid such a fate.

The brutal mobilization by Ukrainian military recruitment officers of young men has been occurring for a year and a half now, Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet reports.

“Many conscripted men are taken straight off the street by uniformed men,” it states. “Most recently in Subcarpathia, a surveillance camera recorded the overreach of the authorities as a man trying to go to a store was kidnapped from his bicycle in broad daylight.”

The man was abducted right on a street during the day by police and conscription officers in a small village in the Municipal District of Munkács, with his bicycle left on the road.

Another video showed footage of a young man being pushed against his will into a burgundy army minibus in Mukachevo, Transcarpathia.

Similar videos have been posted from other major cities across Ukraine, including Kyiv and Odesa.

Videos of such instances are going viral on messaging apps such as Telegram and Viber, which can to an extent bypass the freedom of information restrictions that are now very evident across both Ukraine and Russia.

Some of the accounts posting this content have an increasingly large number of followers — upwards of 100,000 — with some accounts geo-tracking recruitment patrols in real time to help others evade what is known colloquially as the “love letter.”

Other young people are simply refusing to leave their homes due to an increasing number of unannounced mobile checkpoints in regions across Ukraine where military recruiters seek to catch Ukrainian men of military age off guard and conscript them into the forces.

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