10,000 Nurses in Kuwait to Benefit From Revised Work Allowance, With a Monthly Increase of KD50

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health has announced a reclassification of the nature of work allowance for nurses with the new system streamlining the previous three categories (A,B and C) down to two categories of A and B.

The change aims to foster a more favourable work environment for the nursing staff and serves as a gesture of appreciation for their unwavering commitment and dedication.

With this new reclassification, approximately 10,000 nurses stand to benefit from an average monthly increase of KD50 (Dh583) in their work allowances.

Of these, 599 Kuwaiti nurses will move from category B to category A, while 98 will transition from category C to category B. This totals 697 Kuwaiti nurses seeing an uptick in their allowances.

In the non-Kuwaiti nursing category, 4,200 will be upgraded from category B to category A and 3,702 will advance from category C to category B. This translates to a total of 7,902 non-Kuwaiti nurses benefiting from the updated classification.

Furthermore, 601 non-Kuwaiti nurses who operate under the bonus clause will undergo reclassification. Of these, 401 will move from category B to category A, and 200 from category C to category B, each enjoying an average monthly increment of KD50.


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