April Fool’s Day: UAE brands are back at their pranks

On the occasion of April Fool’s Day, UAE brands are back at their pranks.

Dubai’s Emirates airline kicked things off on Friday with a proposal: “What if you could enjoy authentic cuisine from anywhere in the world, without stepping on a plane?”

If you’re still craving that unforgettable meal you had on holiday, Emirates offered up a simple solution to customers worldwide: Emireats. With Emireats, customers can browse for their favourite meals and place an order — but this isn’t your typical delivery app. Emireats allows users to order food from ‘anywhere’ in the world and have it delivered ‘straight to your door’.

In a video campaign, an Emirates ‘flight attendant’ is seen flying from Dubai to Rome to pick up an order from a pizzeria. And just when you might think it’s all true, a tagline appears: “Delivering soon. Maybe.”

Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) also got in on the fun early in the day.

Taking to Instagram, KHDA posted that school timings had been changed “to improve well-being” this Ramadan. “In line with students’ recommendations, schools will start at ‘whenever’ and finish at ‘soon after that’. Staying awake is optional for both students and teachers.”

McDonald’s unveiled its ‘latest’ release: a combination of fries and McFlurry called ‘Fries McFlurry’.

“We’ve made your life easier with this one… Introducing the Fries McFlurry, available for a limited-time someday,” McDonald’s wrote on Instagram.


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