Bahrain: 3 years jail awarded to former MP for duping police

A former Bahrain MP, who got sentenced a few days back to five years in jail in an insurance fraud case, was sentenced again to three years in prison, this time in a CPR forgery case.  His five-year sentence was for deliberately setting his gym on fire to pocket an insurance amount worth BD1.5 million.

The suspect is also facing the law in yet another case where police have charged him with damaging private property and attempting to defraud an undisclosed amount of money.

Yesterday’s sentence was the second awarded to the ex-MP in a few days’ time by the trial court. Court files say the former MP, a habitual offender, fooled police officers by pretending to be his brother during an attempted arrest.

Cops told the court that when they stopped the suspect with an arrest warrant, the ex-MP tricked them by giving them his brother’s ID card. Police told the court that the incident occurred when they spotted the man in Sanad. “We received information that the defendant, wanted in several cases, is in Sanad.”

“However, when we confronted him, he gave me an ID card belonging to his brother. “While verifying the card, he fled the scene at high speed in a car. “He put the pedal to the metal and took off in a flash,” a police officer told judges at the High Criminal Court during a trial.



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