Bahrain: BREEF Hosts Inaugural National Arabian Horse Judging Course

The Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation (BREEF) has announced organising the first edition of the National Arabian Horse Judging Course scheduled from April 21 to 23. The course aims to qualify and prepare national judges for Arabian horse beauty competitions.

The initiative seeks to cultivate a new generation of qualified personnel by providing them with a comprehensive understanding of judging criteria and practical experience. Graduates of the course will be accredited on the lists of national judges in their respective countries, enabling them to fulfill their roles effectively.

The course will be conducted by a select group of experienced judges endorsed by the European Conference of Arab Horse Organisations (ECAHO), including Claudia Darius from Germany and Anna Stojanowska from Poland.

BREEF specified that applicants for the course must possess a high school diploma or be enrolled in high school, with proficiency in the English language required.

Sara Taheri, the course director, confirmed that candidates meeting the participation requirements have been accepted. The course curriculum will encompass both theoretical and practical components, supplemented by personal interviews and examinations.

A total of 22 participants from four countries will partake in the course, with Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Jordan represented by 5, 14, 2, and 1 participant(s) respectively.



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