Bahrain Coast Guard rescues two after sailboat reported missing

Marine patrol officers rescued two sailors after they were reported missing at sea during a fishing expedition early morning yesterday.

The Coast Guard Command said the men lost their direction in the harsh weather condition, amid high-speed wins.

“We managed to spot the boat that went missing from the coast of the Budaiya region, within an hour and a half of receiving a missing report using an automatic identification device.”

Patrol officers said the boat and the men were found from the west of the Fasht Al-Jarim area. The boat’s transmission was broken and had to be towed back to the marina. Emergency rescue personnel also gave the survivors necessary medical assistance to ensure their health.

The Coast Guard Command called on all sea goers to follow weather data and notify the Coast Guard Command before sailing. The Command also called on all to ensure security and safety equipment in boats and fishing vessels and operate automatic identification devices when sailing.



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