Bahrain Doctor Pays The Price For Negligence

A legal battle over medical negligence culminated in a patient winning BD5,500 in compensation from both a doctor and his employer.

The landmark ruling by the Bahrain High Administrative Court accusing the doctor of negligence stated that this resulted in the patient suffering a 15% permanent disability.

Reportedly, the incident occurred at Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC), where the patient later underwent surgery to address his condition.

Referred to SMC after enduring persistent lower abdominal pain, the plaintiff’s hopes for relief were dashed when the attending doctor allegedly failed to conduct a thorough diagnosis.

Instead of addressing the root cause, the doctor prescribed a pain reliever, leaving the patient in agony.

Frustrated and still in pain, the patient sought help elsewhere, only to return to SMC for surgery after the situation worsened.

Tragically, the delay in proper treatment resulted in a permanent disability, robbing the patient of vital time and health.

Fueled by a sense of injustice, the plaintiff took the matter to the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA), sparking a rigorous investigation into the alleged medical negligence.

Despite the doctor’s attempts to evade accountability by citing the statute of limitations, the court firmly rejected such claims, underscoring the need for accountability in cases of medical error.

Citing the NHRA report from 2022 as evidence, judges ruled that the lawsuit was filed within the three-year timeframe specified by law.

The court, echoing the sentiment of the report, held both the doctor and the hospitals accountable for the damages inflicted upon the plaintiff.

With the weight of evidence firmly against them, the defendants were compelled to compensate the plaintiff for the irreversible harm caused.

The court’s verdict awarded BD6,000 in total, recognizing both the tangible and intangible losses suffered by the plaintiff.


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