Bahrain excludes 12 sectors from restricted entry guidelines

Bahrain excludes 12 sectors from the restricted entry decision meant for commercial and industrial stores.

The ministry said that it exempts supermarkets, banks, pharmacies and hospitals from the decision. Accordingly it said that it excludes 12 sectors whenever they are outside the commercial complexes, including

  • Hypermarkets, supermarkets, refrigerators and groceries, and fresh vegetable, fish and meat stores
  • Manual and automatic bakeries
  • Filling stations and natural gas filling stations
  • Private health institutions, except for some health services for which a circular is issued by the National Health Regulatory Authority for Professions and Services
  • Banks and money changers
  • Administrative offices of institutions and companies whose activities are not directly related to customers
  • Shops operating in the import, export and distribution of goods
  • Vehicles repair and maintenance workshops and garages, and spare parts stores
  • Construction and maintenance parts
  • Factories
  • Communications shops
  • Pharmacies

Only those above 18 years of age are allowed entry to recreational facilities and stores selling toys.

Entry is also for those vaccinated and recovered from the pandemic, said the Health ministry in a statement. According to the decision, customers must adhere to wearing a mask at all times, except for times of physical activity


The Daily Tribune

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